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IT'S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3!

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Make two piles. One for Kids Rack and the other to donate. Please do not bring items that are stained or have excessive wear. Clothing styles must be within 5 years.



No appointment needed. We buy Monday-Saturdays 10-5pm, -you may drop-off Sundays for next day pick up. Our address is 11350 Aquila Dr, Champlin, MN



We offer cash! Payouts over $100 will receive a check. If you would like store credit you will receive 15% more. Store credit can be used anytime and does not expire.


Be a VIP Seller

Knowing more is earning more!

We have thousands of wonderful sellers. Learn how to make your items stand out.


When you join our Facebook Group -Earn More Selling at Kids Rack, you will have access to tips and tricks, such as most wanted items and seasonal buying posts.


  • Do I need an appointment to sell?
    No, we take walk-ins on a first come. However, if you are coming from a distance, call the store and we will do our best to accommodate.
  • When can I bring my items in to sell?
    We buy Monday-Saturday 10-5pm. You may drop-off on Sunday for next day pickup.
  • What sizes of clothing do you buy?
    We buy preemie to size 16 and some teen size as well. We are very selective on sizes 10 and up. Styles must be 3 years or newer.
  • Do you buy off-season items?
    Yes. However we are very selective, because these items may need to be stored.
  • How long will it take to go through my items?
    This depends on the amount of items you bring in and the number of drop-offs before you. We will text you when your drop-off is complete.
  • Do I have to wait for my items to sell to be paid?
    No, we are a resale store, not consignment. You will receive payment same day with no hidden seller's fees.
  • What do you pay for items?
    We pay 20-50% cash of our price or 15% more in store credit. We pay up to $100 in cash, higher amounts are issued a check. If you choose credit, there is no expiration. Store credit can not converted back to cash.
  • Can you give a quote for my item over the phone or from a picture over the internet?
    No, we are only able to give quotes in person after inspection of your item.
  • Do you pay cash?
    Yes, we pay up to $100 in cash. Higher amounts will be issued a check.
  • Can you donate the items that you were not able to buy?
    No, we lack the space to offer this service. However, there is a donation center within a mile.
  • Do you have more than one location?
    No, our only location is in Champlin, MN
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