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Kids Rack buys 'the best' of used items. Our customers expect high standards, so we require items to be new or like-new. Styles must be current - 5 years or newer.







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Knowing more, is selling more!

We have a Facebook Group just for our sellers. Learn everything you need to know about selling to us. You can contact our buyers directly for quick answers to your questions.

Also, at times our buying hours change. We will post these changes, so you can plan accordingly.



Kids Rack is unlike other resale stores. Please familiarize yourself with our policies before you bring your items. If you have any questions that are not addressed here, feel free to call us at 763-323-3518

No appointment is required. It is first come, first served. When dropping off you will be given an approximate time of completion. We will not call you, and you are required to return before close, unless next day is agreed. 

We buy new and like-new clothing, shoes & baby equipment that are 5 years or newer in styles. Toys must be clean, complete and in working order. We also buy popular titles of children's books. Books must be in excellent condition -no writing inside.  There are some items (Circo, Faded Glory, Geranimals, etc. and items over 5 years -toddler play clothes) that we may buy for our Dollar Sales.

Because it is first come, first served, it depends on how many people drop-off before you and how many items you bring in. Usually we can complete one bin in 15 minutes.

We ask that you bring in no more than 2 bins of current style clothing and there is no limit on everything else. Each bin takes about 15 minutes process.

Currently we are buying Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm. No buying on Sunday.

We buy "the best" of all seasons. Please keep in mind that we are more selective on off-season items because there is a good possibility we will have to store those items.

We ask that you lay your clothing flat in plastic bins- please fold sets together without safety pins. You will get your bins back with the items we were unable to buy.

No, you can either shop at our store for great deals or run errands and return at your scheduled time -or before we close.

We offer cash or store credit on the spot. Store credit is 15% more than the cash offer. Cash is given up to $100. More than that, and a check will be issued. If you choose store credit there is no expiration date.

Unfortunately, we are unable to donate due to a lack of space. If you would like some options of charities, we have a list available.