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Get More for Your Items

We want to buy your gently-used children’s items and give you top dollar for each item. This takes some work on your part. We get thousands of items in daily. How does your items stand out from the others? This is a few suggestions that will help you get the most for your drop-off.

  • Bring your items in a plastic bin or basket. We promise to return it to you. Garbage bags are hard to go through and clothing can get wrinkled faster.
  • Toys: Use a magic eraser to clean scuffs off toys. Make sure that no paint or stickers are missing. Include working batteries if required. Make sure to include all pieces and put toys that have many pieces in a separate bag. We are much more lately to take toys if they are organized. We do not accept toys that have been recalled. Check here for a recall list.
  • Clothing: One of the biggest reasons we are unable to accept clothing is that styles are too old. Although these clothes may be in excellent condition they do not sell well at the Kids Rack. Clothing that is over 5 years old are perfect for donating to your local charity. If your clothing is in-style please make sure it is freshly laundered and folded neatly in plastic bin or basket. Infant clothing 12 months and smaller sell best if in sets. We also suggest looking at your clothing in natural lighting. Our commercial lighting is much different than household lighting and we are able to see stains that could not be seen at home.
  • Baby Equipment: Must be 8 years or newer for most equipment. It is very important to clean any fabric. We do not have laundry facilities set-up in store and we are able to wipe items down, but for serious consideration, the cleaner the better. We do not buy recalled items. Before you bring these bigger items in it is always best to check for recalls first. If you are unsure if an item is recalled you may always call us first and we will be happy to help determine its status.

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